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Mayfly laboratory is a small custom laboratory that specializes in the identification and migration of ppb and ppt levels of organic compounds present in a variety of products, municipal and industrial settings. Mayfly Lab routinely advise clients on sampling techniques that can be used in the identification of organolepticly active substances that result in off-odors or tastes.  Read more about Mayfly Lab

Think of us:

  • Air smells offensive
  • Product has an off-odor
  • Bottled water has an off-taste
  • Air scrubber not working
  • Neighbors are complaining
  • Air vents bring in odors
  • Employees believe the air smells unpleasant/offensive.
 Or When You Hear:
  • Is that the landfill odor again?
  • This floor of the building always smells?
  • When you unwrap that package it always smells?
  • I know that odor and itís not us!!!
  • You'd better start working on controlling these odors!
  • It's a chemical we use but itís not from our site!
  • I donít know how it got into the groundwater!


Mayfly Lab

Odor Investigation Headliners

Mayfly Odor Laboratory Offers An Alternative To Dilution To Threshold Evaluations (Do Your Own)

Residual Paint Odors Can Be Persistent and Potentially Cause Asthmatic Reactions

Odor Management Plans: We Support Root Cause Investigation & Yearly Summary Reports

Nalco / Odor Control Technology Clients Ė We Will Continue To Support Your Needs

Environmental Fate Headliners

Data Recording Media: A Source of Flame Retardants In The Indoor Air Environment

MBTE and TAME Were Detected In Private Drinking Water Wells Tested In Connecticut

Service Benefits:
No minimum sample quantity - No rush charges for scheduled work. Detailed phone assistance for clients doing their own investigation and sampling. Laboratory is open (24/7) when samples are backlogged

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